Croydon Life

  1. A great place to study – and that’s official
    Our most recent report from Government inspectors Ofsted says Croydon College is a Good college overall, with ‘Outstanding’ features.
  2. A course to suit everyone
    We offer the largest selection of vocational courses in the Borough of Croydon as well as University of Sussex degree ​programmes.
  3. A rich and fulfilling student life
    Our Enrichment Programme provides all our students with opportunities to meet new people and try a huge range of new things. Your studies are just the start of life at Croydon College!
  4. Top-class staff
    Our teachers are some of the best in the business – friendly, experienced, full of ideas and experts in their subjects. Above all, they’re committed to helping you achieve your potential.
  5. Great links with employers
    We work with over 1,000 employers to ensure that you have access to the best advice and opportunities.

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Cheikh Profile

Why did you apply to Croydon College? I chose to apply to Croydon College to study for my future. The College provides a platform for those who need to improve their English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in order to progress towards learning the...

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