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10 – 15% of people are dyslexic. This means there are around one million young people in education with dyslexia and up to 10 million people across the UK.

Despite this, 80% of people with dyslexia leave school without a diagnosis or receiving the support they need to succeed. It is extremely unlikely for schools to fund dyslexia assessments, and many families cannot afford to pay up to £700 for a private diagnosis.

The Covid-19 lockdown has created greater inequality in educational support and achievement for children with dyslexia, with teachers expressing their concerns that Special Educational Needs students will be most impacted on a long-term basis by the school closures.

School closures and minimal staff contact time have led to even lower rates of diagnosis, and parents having to try and support their children from home without specialist training and expertise. A study by the British Dyslexia Association found that 95% of parents do not feel they have sufficient skills or knowledge to support their dyslexic child at home.

There has never been a more important time to highlight the need for specialist support in schools. That is why the British Dyslexia Association is calling on the government to ensure there is funding for diagnostic assessments and targeted support in schools. Providing the opportunity for assessment as well as the right level of expertise in every school will lead to:

  • An increase in early identification and diagnosis
  • Appropriate levels of support for students throughout their education
  • Students reaching their full potential

Sign the petition today and join our campaign to help every child receive the support they need.



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