Welcome back to College for your summer term. I hope you were able to rest over the Easter break, staying safe at home.

These are unprecedented times and with heightened levels of anxiety, we want you to know, we are here to support you. Online teaching and learning continues for the vast majority of students via Moodle, if you have any issues with access, please email the helpdesk. The response so far has been positive and I am proud of you all for the effort you have made to move your learning online.

If you are unwell and unable to complete any work, you must inform your teacher/tutor as soon as possible.

Over the Easter break the exam bodies have clarified how qualifications will be assessed for GCSE and A Levels. You can view the letter from Ofqual by clicking here, your teachers/tutor will provide further information.

For those of you studying vocational and other qualifications, the method of assessment varies per qualification and your teacher/tutor will be able to explain what it means to you individually over the next few weeks.  In the meantime please do continue with the work set for you on Moodle.

I hope you continue to engage with your learning via the online platform. Your lecturers and teachers are working hard to ensure your learning still meets the highest level of education. Please ask questions, reach out and never feel alone at this time.

Stay safe.

Principal  & CEO

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