Why did you chose to study CPSJ?

I chose the course because the topics covered are ones which really interested me. I also like to look at human behaviour due to my inquisitive nature and I like to investigate why people do the things they do. The course leads to various career pathways which is a positive as it is good to have as many options as possible.


Why did you chose Croydon College?

I have lived in Croydon for over 20 years and to have a local Centre where I can study a degree and fulfil my goals was very helpful for me.


Have you experienced any challenges whilst studying here?

One of the challenges I faced was the step up from Level 3 to Level 4 where the standards of work expected are much higher and a greater level of critical thinking and academic writing is required. Another challenge is finding the time to complete the work as outside of studying I still have personal things to deal with and bills to pay.


How have you overcome these challenges?

I overcame those challenges by trying to face them head on and getting the help I needed. I listened and learned from my lecturers, my tutor and my programme leader. I also signed up to get one to one help from the staff in the library to help me gain top marks. Being organised was very important in helping me find the time I needed, so I drew up a study timetable and kept track of my deadlines. I also set myself realistic study goals which allowed me to find the time where I could relax.


What have been your highlights so far?

For me the highlights of studying at the College have been working alongside my fellow students as we often work together and support each other which is a skill we can take out into the workplace. I enjoy the fact that the classes are smaller than most purpose built universities so there is more one to one time from lecturers. A big highlight for me was running for president of the Criminology society which I won. I want the role to help make the College a place where students can get the most out of their studies, engage with each other and with external speakers.


What are your aspirations for the future?

I originally had intentions of becoming a social worker and I may still continue along that road by going on to do a masters in social work. However, the course has shown me that there are many different pathways and areas that interest me and I do not want to limit myself so I am keeping my options open. Ultimately I started studying so that I could work in a field that makes people’s lives better and I believe this course will lead me to a job where I can do that.


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