Why did you chose to study an Access course at Croydon College?

I decided to study Access to Nursing, as a stepping stone for me to become a professional nurse. Nursing is a meaningful career, filled with opportunities, challenges and rewards. It will give me a platform to improve the wellbeing of people.

What do you love about the College?

Croydon College has such a rich diversity within and it is a place you can call a second home. Tutors extend their teaching and learning style to each individual person allowing you to develop on your own terms.

Have you experienced any challenges? If so, how did you overcome those?

Since it had been such a long time since I was in education, I was overwhelmed at first. I contacted student support for some help which boosted my confidence a lot. I manage my time very well and always keep a positive attitude; If my lectures did not start early I would go to study plus and go over what I was struggling with at the time.

What have been your highlights whilst studying here?

I am extremely grateful for all of the excellent, once in lifetime opportunities that have come my way. I have previously been a College representative, I won a special certificate of achievement, I led a fundraising event for Macmillan Cancer research totalling over £690 and I have volunteered for the HIV and AIDS workshop organised by Croydon College and Croydon Council.

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