You might not think it when you visit, but Croydon College has a whole team operating at all times behind the scenes. The “Client Care” team is responsible for ensuring that students and staff members stay safe whilst on campus. They do this by implementing rules and procedures that all those visiting the college are expected to follow. Here’s how we keep everyone safe: 


Our Client Care team is there to keep you safe, and help if you need it. They are also specially trained to recognise suspicious activity and will always challenge anyone exhibiting such behaviour. Thankfully, such situations are extremely rare. If you are ever concerned that something seems wrong, you are welcome to speak to them. You’ll always find a member of the Client Care team near the entrance to our campus.  

Sign in, sign out 

It’s important to know who is at college, for everyone’s safety, but particularly in the event of an evacuation or lockdown. Our sign-in system helps the Client Care team keep track of students and staff, so they know who is on-site at all times. The team monitors who enters and exits the building at all times. Knowing who is inside the building helps them do their job more effectively. 


Lanyards are a great way to identify staff and students. They’re used to hold keys, badges, ID cards and other items of importance. They also help our Client Care team identify visitors at a glance so that they can offer assistance, if required. Lanyards also help staff identify which phase of education or pathway our students are in. 


CCTV is a useful tool to help keep students and staff safe on campus. It helps to monitor behaviour, both on foot and in vehicles, including vehicle access to car parks. 

All these actions are vital to keep you safe and happy at college. 

All of us need to work together to keep our college safe, and that starts with you. Remember:- 

  • Lanyards are expected to be worn by everybody on-site. They give students and staff access to the building and rooms within our buildings, and also help others identify you. 
  • Students must use their lanyards to access and leave the site; this ensures we have a record of who is on-site at all times. 
  • Visitors must sign in upon arrival at college, and sign back out when they leave. Visitors will be given a Visitors’ Pass to use for their time on site. 
  • CCTV cameras are used for safety reasons only, so please be aware of this if you pass by them. (It does not mean we are monitoring every single thing that happens within the classrooms or corridors!) On rare occasions, footage may be used as evidence when investigating an incident or dispute between students. 

If you ever see anything suspicious or are concerned about your safety, or someone else’s, please visit our Client Care staff at the entrance to the building, or speak to a member of staff in the Student Services or Safeguarding teams. You can also call or text our Safeguarding team on 07970 393393, if your concern is not urgent, email .

If you would like to submit a concern anonymously, this can be done online at 

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