Why did you choose to study an Access course at Croydon College?

I chose to study at Croydon College because the Access course provided me with a pathway into university, which I never thought would be possible until now.


Have you experienced any challenges?

The Course is extremely intense; there is a lot of work to complete both in and outside College. There are weekly assignments, but sometimes there are 2 due within the same week! Although I find this challenging, it is great practice for university life


How did you overcome your challenges?

To overcome the work load, I balanced my time efficiently and utilised the resources on offer within the College to complete my assignments. My teachers were also very helpful, supporting me with my work from start to finish.


What have been your highlights whilst studying here?

I have enjoyed learning and gaining valuable experience at Croydon College which has set me up for the future. Not only that, but I have made some strong friendships that will stay with me for a life time.


What would you like to do once when you finish this course?

Once I graduate from this Access course, I will be going to University to study Clinical Psychology. Croydon College has allowed this to happen, so for that I will be forever thankful to all those involved in helping me get started in pursuing my dream career.

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