Higher Education

Welcome to University Centre Croydon

Welcome to University Centre Croydon (UCC), one of the largest providers of Higher Education between London and Brighton.

The combination of high-quality, innovative courses and excellent staff-to-student ratios make UCC an outstanding choice for university level education. You can study many of our courses part-time, combining learning with earning and fees for many of our courses are amongst the lowest in the region.

Significant investment in major refurbishments has provided excellent dedicated resources for students. Alongside this, the majority of the courses offered at UCC are validated by the University of Sussex. This means that in most cases the degree or diploma you receive at the end of your course will be from one of Britain’s top universities.

One way in which we differ from most universities is the style of teaching. Here at UCC we teach our students in small groups and provide lots of one-to-one attention. If you choose to study with us, you will be treated very much as an individual, and you will receive the support you need from your lecturers – we are here to help you to achieve your goals.

About half of our students study with us part-time, combining a job with their studies, so we have plenty of experience in ensuring everything runs smoothly if you decide to take this route.

Unlike many universities, here at UCC we have kept our fees as low as possible. As you may have heard in the press coverage, most universities are charging around £9,000 per year for a full-time course, here you will pay just £6,000. If you want to study part-time you will also find our courses excellent value, and in most cases you will be entitled to the same low interest loans as full-time students. Whether you opt for full or part-time study, you will get an outstanding education at UCC. What’s more, you will get excellent value for money.

You will be reassured to know that the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA),the independent body entrusted with monitoring, and advising on standards and quality in UK Higher Education, says we meet all expectations. You can read the report in full below – plus our action plan for improving our provision even further.

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