Why did you decide to go on The Voice UK?

I actually got scouted by The Voice UK themselves back in April 2019 after they saw me singing in various videos online. Although I was hesitant to go along to the auditions at first, I quickly realised that going on The Voice would be a great opportunity in order for me to achieve my dream of being a musician.


Have you learnt much from being on the show so far?

I have already learnt so much from this experience. Everyone involved, from the producers of the show to the vocal coaches, just want to help all contestants believe in themselves and push you to be your absolute best. All the reactions I have received have been so positive and has only encouraged me to go all the way!


So you started your music career off at Croydon College. Tell us more about that.

I studied Music at Croydon College and received a Distinction in the first year, and a Merit in the second year. I really enjoyed the course as it allowed me to express myself and become more comfortable as an individual musician. Not only this, but I learnt that working as part of a team is essential in the music industry in order to create great material.


Do you have aspirations for working in the music industry?

From a young age, I knew I wanted to be a Gospel singer and perform internationally. Ultimately, I want to take my passion for singing further and turn it into a successful business whereby I can help others find good musicians for their own events.

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