Croydon College – based in the heart of one of the top 10 tech destinations in the UK – will be working with 17 of the borough’s employers to ensure residents can obtain the digital skills needed to excel in their careers.

The Greater London Authority (GLA) has granted funding to Croydon College to lead the Croydon Digital Skills Hub with John Ruskin College, which will support learners to gain access to tech training, apprenticeships, work placements, job opportunities and increase digital inclusion, while also supporting employers in the digital sector to understand how to break down barriers and increase inclusivity.

On 12 July, there is a launch event to find out more about the Digital Skills Hub, which can be booked onto here.

Courses available as part of the Digital Skills Hub include:

  • Digital Marketing Level 2
  • IT User Skills Level 3
  • Coding Practices Level 3
  • IT User Skills Level 2
  • Cyber Security Practices Level 3
  • Systems Infrastructure Level 3

Apprenticeships include:

  • Data Analyst Level 4
  • IT Solutions Level 3
  • Junior Content Producer Level 3
  • Digital Marketer Level 3
  • Information Communication Technician Level 3

Croydon College will also provide access to its careers coach service, while John Ruskin College has also received funding to deliver two Digital Skills Hub courses – Nonregulated Level 2 ICT and a Certificate in IT User skills ECDL (ITQ).

Fadia Clarke, Croydon College’s Vice Principal Training Skills & Higher Education: “We are delighted to have been successful in receiving GLA funding to deliver the Croydon Digital Skills Hub, which will make local residents’ gain much-needed skills to improve their employability and confidence.

“As Croydon continues to excel as a tech destination, the Digital Skills Hub will play a key role in ensuring the borough remains there, boosting outcomes for learners and employers.

“The Digital Skills Hub will also empower employers to upskill their employees, enabling businesses to diversify their offerings and bring in new revenue streams.

“We can’t wait to get started in playing an even greater role in supporting our borough’s residents and employers.”

Kam Dehal, Executive Director, Commercial & Partnerships, Orbital South College Group, said: “John Ruskin College is proud to be part of this really important collaboration in delivering the digital skills that are needed to serve our businesses and communities. The world of tech is fast paced, vibrant and broad in its offer, and impacts every aspect of our lives. The Digital Skills Hub will allow us to help deliver the skills that are needed today and into the future, impacting Croydon and its surrounding areas.”

To find out more information on the Croydon Digital Skills Hub at Croydon College, and to apply, visit

For more information on our full-time courses, follow this link.

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