Why did you apply to Croydon College?

I chose to apply to Croydon College to study for my future. The College provides a platform for those who need to improve their English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in order to progress towards learning the skills needed for a chosen career.


What have been your highlights whilst studying ESOL here at Croydon College?

A highlight for me has to be discovering that I can learn English through the use of videos and cartoons. This is a great alternative way of learning, especially for visual learners like me.


How have you overcome any challenges you may have faced?

Learning a new language is difficult for anyone so you’ve got to have real patience and determination to get to your end goals. I’ve never given up as I know the end result will be a pay-off for all my hard work.


How has the College supported you?

The staff at Croydon College have been so supportive in developing my use of English from sending me revision materials to having a chat with me, so I can keep practising my speaking skills. I have no regrets studying at Croydon College.


Do you have any advice for future students?

Don’t take homework and extra revision sessions for granted. These activities are put in place to help extend your learning and achieve your goals. Always stay in touch with your classmates and teachers as they are there to help you if you get stuck.


What are your future aspirations?

I would love to become a computer scientist. This Entry 1 ESOL course is the first step to achieving my dream career.


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