Over the last fortnight, different departments have hosted several ceremonies to mark the end of the academic year and to celebrate our students many achievements. Here are some highlights from a few of the events:

UNICEF Pledge Awards

The UNICEF Pledge Awards took place on 27th June and the event was attended by many staff, students and their guests as well as VIPs such as Mayor of Croydon, Toni Letts and Frances Bestley, Programme Director, UNICEF. The awards were to recognise the amount of voluntary hours students had pledged, throughout the year, for charity. Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates were presented to over 200 students.

The prestigious platinum award, for over 125 hours pledge, were received by Makeda Blake-Robinson Ioulia Kaloudi who donated an amazing 332.5 hours and 269 hours, respectively! Ioulia gave an impromptu acceptance speech where she emotionally thanked Croydon College, the staff and students, for ‘making [her] the person [she] is today’.

Guests were treated to entertainment as Level 1 Health & Social Care student, Luis Mosquera serenaded the audience with his acoustic rendition of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking out loud’. Luis prompted the audience to sing along with him as he strummed the tune on his guitar which was enjoyed by all, including the Mayor of Croydon who remarked that she ‘doesn’t usually sing’ before adding that she ‘couldn’t help but to sing along!’

The ceremony was closed with speeches by Mayor of Croydon, Toni Letts and Chair of Governors, Gordon Smith – both of whom praised the students for their selflessness and dedication to help others.

In total, the students volunteered an astonishing 21,534 of hours, for UNICEF, in the past year. Bravo!

ESOL high attenders

A special lunch was held for those who had over 98% attendance. Students from ESOL and SLDD courses were treated to a gourmet buffet that was prepared and served by Hospitality students.

In attendance was Chair of Governors, Gordon Smith as well as the Academic Leaders and Head of School, Sherry Dougan who hosted the event.

Students received certificates and vouchers awarded to those with 100% attendance.

Many of the lucky diners expressed their gratitude to the Hospitality students for their ‘delicious’ food.

Sherry commended all for their hard work and dedication and thanked the Hospitality students on preparing such a wonderful meal, who were met with a roaring round of applause from the diners.

Access graduation

The 3rd Annual Access Graduation ceremony was hosted by Head of School, Agnes Joseph. Students turned up in their finest attire to celebrate the end of their year of intensive study. Students graduated in subjects such as Social Work, Teacher Training, Nursing and Science.

The atmosphere was one of excitement and emotion, with the Head of School commenting that she was ‘extremely proud of all of their accomplishments’.

Special awards were given to those who have progressed from Entry Level 1 through to Level 3 Access, presented by Ann Monoghan, Vice Principal.

A number of students took to the mic to praise their teachers and share their anecdotes of their time at the college, some of whom presented their tutors with cards and gifts.

Kathleen Hawke, Academic Leader of Access courses said that she was ‘pleased to be part of such a joyous occasion’ and that she was ‘extremely proud of everyone’.

Hair and Beauty event

Hair and Beauty held their yearly end of academic year event to celebrate student achievements. External visitors such as specialists from Jing massage, mobile beauty therapists, Blow and previous students who have opened their own businesses, were on hand to give away gifts and treatments.

Special awards were given to learners with 95% attendance and above, Most Improved Maths and English learner and Student of the Year per group, who received prizes donated by Dermalogica for beauty.

Clare Price, Academic Leader enthused, ‘It was a fabulous event and it keeps growing  every year , I thank all our external visitors for taking part and for showing such an interest in our learners but most of all I thank my marvellous team. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the event and took the opportunity to share their amazing success stories.’

Welcome Day

We enjoyed welcoming in a cohort of potential new students for our Welcome Day event on 4th July. Attendees were introduced Heads of Schools and Academic Leaders before heading off for a tour of the college and to participate in a number of taster exercises. The overall feedback was that it was an enjoyable day for all.

And finally…

Good luck to all who have completed their studies, and are moving on from Croydon College, on all of their future endeavours, we hope that you keep us posted on your new projects.

We look forward to welcoming our back returning students and meeting new learners in September 2017.

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