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Why did you apply to Croydon College?

I chose to apply to Croydon College because it really is an outstanding College. There is a very good Safeguarding team and also a brilliant support staff network. I wanted to go to College to do a BTEC course rather than A Levels courses, so I knew it was the right College for me to continue my studies.

What have been your highlights whilst studying here at Croydon College?

I’ve so many highlights from studying here at Croydon College! I passed my Functional Skills English exams so I could go on to the Level 2 Childcare course. I’ve been on many exciting trips including Go Ape Adventure in Battersea Park. I also received several achievement certificates, including passing Level 1 Vocational Studies in the School of Business from my teacher Elizabeth Anyango, and excellent attendance.

Have you experienced any challenges?

I’ve had challenges with my maths work and understanding exam questions in some topics. I’ve been able to overcome this by revising whenever I can and asking for help. I’ve also had challenges with my confidence as I find it difficult making conversation with other students and teachers. By attending self-esteem and confidence sessions, with my Speech and Language Therapist I’ve slowly built that confidence up.

How has the College supported you?

The College has supported me through Study Plus Learning and through 1:1 in-class support from my teachers. I have Speech and Language Therapy every week, helping me to focus. I also get extra maths tuition from Study Plus Practitioners at Croydon College on days where I have no lessons timetabled. I have also been granted Bursary Funding whilst studying here and it’s really been a great help.

Do you have any advice for future students?

Study hard and don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed. If you or someone you know needs advice, the Safeguarding team at Croydon College are the perfect people to go to. If you are looking to apply to Croydon College, make sure you take the time to research the courses and speak to teachers for guidance.

What are your future aspirations?

Once I finish my Health and Social Care studies, I want to do an Apprenticeship in Childcare. I am aspiring to be the next successful black Nursery owner!


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