At the end of term, the Public Services, Sport, Catering and Hair and Beauty departments participated in the 2,3, 6, O-lympics. This was a special Olympics with a twist.

Game 1 consisted of:

Nail Art – Pick a Flag – Carry out the design on your nail. Staff had no more than 12 minutes to complete.

Game 2 consisted of :

Rowing – what distance could staff travel in 12 minutes?

Game 3 consisted of:

Cake decoration – create your own design – staff had 6 minutes to complete.

Game 4 consisted of:

Plaiting – how many plaits could staff complete in 12 minutes?

Game 5, the final game in the Olympics – The Fitness test. This consisted of :

  1. How many press ups can you do in 1 minute?
  2. How many sit ups can you do in 1 minute?
  3. Strength test – Hand grip x2 repetitions of 1 minute
  4. Coordination test (wall & ball)
  5. Flexibility test – sit and reach in 1 minute
  6. Reaction test

 A fun day was had by all staff .There were winners for all games and a first, 2 and 3 winning team. It was a great way to end the term.


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