What attracted you to University Centre Croydon?

As a teacher I feel that it is my duty to help students develop and grow. As a result, the major attraction of working at UCC for me is the small class sizes, as it allows me to spend more time with students, creating a community atmosphere, which might not be possible at other Colleges.

What inspired you to become a lecturer?

It was just a calling. Teaching is something I’ve always been passionate about, so I knew it was the career for me. Not only do I provide students with an effective learning experience, but I also learn something new every day from my students themselves.

What interests you about the topics you teach?

Although the subjects I teach are very academic, they all translate to practical applications in everyday life. All of the topics I teach lend themselves well to transformative learning, allowing my students to learn academic theories whilst applying those same theories to the problems they see around them in their own lives and/or communities whilst giving them tools to improve both themselves and problems that they see. It really interests me how theory can be turned into practical action and many CPSJ students have gone on to have jobs in the local community dealing with issues such as gangs and knife crime by practically applying theory.

What do you love most about your role?

The thing I love most about the job I do is helping students fulfil their potential and then watching as they achieve their goals, whether that be carrying on in education doing masters and PhDs or accessing employment. I like the fact that my work can contribute to empowering students with truth and knowledge so that they in turn influence others around them.  I also love the constantly evolving nature of the course material and updating the lectures to take into account all the recent changes, developments, research and technology occurring in criminology, psychology and sociology.

Another aspect of my job that I love is building relationships with the local community. At the moment, CPSJ is trying to establish various learning and teaching partnerships with some prisons where we will not only take our students to prison to study with resident students but we will open a pathway from prison to Croydon College and UCC to provide opportunities of rehabilitation and transformation through education, to a cohort that would otherwise be excluded from further and higher education. I have also been on a ride-along with the Police in which I was able to see how the Police operate.

 What advice do you have for potential students?

To anyone thinking of embarking on a journey in higher education my advice is to do it!  If you are interested in learning something new or further developing your existing skills/knowledge, or you want a career change, then you should definitely get in touch with us.  The age range of our students is 18 to over 60, it is never too early or too late to learn something new, learning is a gift you should give yourself!



If you are interested in applying or require further information, visit us on Wednesday 22 January 2020 5pm-7pm, where you can explore your future. Register your interest here.

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