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Employability Hub

Our new Employability Hub works directly with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) who will refer eligible customers from across the borough directly onto the programme, as well as signposting 18-24-year-olds to the programme who are looking to gain employability skills and would like further support in their pathway to the next step of their career journey.

We provide a full training programme to candidates that is designed to promote ownership, increase motivation, and encourage individuals to take further action, and the programme will increase self-esteem and confidence. Delivery is based on participation, co-operation, and a genuine enjoyment of the course.

Candidates attending the programme at Croydon College will benefit from the wide range of courses on offer supported by our expert staff who can help you progress regardless of your age or skill level.

We can advise on the perfect route for you – whether you are looking to develop extra qualifications, become an apprenticeship or just gain extra skills for personal development to aid your future employment options.

5 Point Action Plan

  1. Get Engaged – Your DWP Job Coach will directly refer you onto an Information & Enrolment session at Croydon College.
  2. Get Started – You will attend a further Information, Advice and Guidance session where we personalise an Individual Learning Plan and programme journey. Within this we will discuss your current situation and what you wish to achieve.
  3. Get Ready – You will complete a training programme and gain a Level 1 Certificate in Employability providing you with the tools to access the hidden job market – the 80% of opportunities that are not advertised.

It will require you to take on ideas, take ownership of your own destiny and take action. It will also show you how to sell yourself effectively and will be the basis for your research into your chosen routes to employment, education, or enterprise. Within the course we will explore roles and application forms and support you in completing them.

On successful completion of the training programme, we will provide you with a work placement to help you gain valuable work experience over a 5-day period whilst also building skills and experience to enhance your CV. 

  1. Get Going – Your Work Mentor will support and finalise your readiness for your ‘Get Going’ destination. Ongoing support will be provided.
  2. Get Your Future – We will review your progress at month 1 and month 3 of your course to reflect on the programme’s successes.

Sign up to our programme if you are somebody who requires additional support to identify your next steps on your career journey or would like to upskill and are eligible under the current criteria.