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Useful Information

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  • Level:

    Entry 3

  • Duration:

    1 year

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Course Overview

Our Supported Education programmes offer three strands for young people with disabilities, learning difficulties and/or health conditions to transition from school into their adult life.  These three strands are Independent Living, Employability, and Progression.  The programmes are personalised to support young people to achieve the outcomes outlined in their EHCPs.

The programmes are designed to promote confidence, independence, the acquisition of life skills and a real sense of community understanding and belonging. They focus on the individual young person and what they can achieve to improve their outcomes and prepare themselves for further transition.

Course Highlights

Independent living

This course focuses on developing social skills and independence in the home and community. It enables young people to function as productively and independently as possible.

  • English and Maths
  • Community access
  • Travel/journey training
  • Money management
  • Social skills/SULP
  • Personal hygiene



This course is designed for learners who need to develop the skills that employers are looking for to secure future employment. There will be an emphasis on teamwork and practical skills which is a crucial element of any job.

Learners will develop functional skills in English, Maths and ICT by participating in a range of practical activities.

  • English and Maths
  • Work experience
  • Independent travel training
  • Money management communication skills
  • Personal presentation


Career Opportunities & Further Study

Once students have developed their academic skills and are able to study in a mainstream environment they may go on to further study at Croydon College.  Alternatively, students may be supported into employment or to employment related services, or move into Adult Social Care.


This course allows learners who are unsure which vocational route they would like to pursue as a career, to experience a variety of courses across the college i.e Music, Art, Hair & Beauty, Culinary skills, Construction & Plumbing whilst giving them the opportunity to improve their English, Maths, ICT and Employability Skills.

  • English and Maths
  • Work experience
  • Curriculum tasters
  • Study skills
  • Personal presentation
  • Resilience

Elements of the course can be used to filter into one of our personalised programmes. These strands are suited to individual needs and can include a variety of combinations of vocational elements and units.


  • Assessment will be ongoing and consists of marking and feeding back to learners on written work and observations of practical skills.
  • This will include a review of learners’ progress throughout the year on personal and social skills, employability, English and maths

A variety of formative and summative assessment methods are used including observations, practical assignments and coursework.

Entry Requirements

Young people interested in one of the three strands will have a learning difficulty, disability or health condition and will usually have an Education, Health and Care Plan.

How To Apply

Use the below link to apply for the above course.